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You've been promoted to a new leadership position. Now what?

You've been promoted to a new leadership position. Now what?

Executive asking her boss for coaching support

Many executives at all levels assume a passive attitude towards their development, often waiting for their manager or someone else in the organization to offer them help in accelerating their professional development and their careers. Asking your manager for guidance on advancing your development demonstrates a proactive interest in expanding your skill set and your role in supporting the success of the company.

November 2021
Conflict Resolution
Conflict resolution

Whenever people collaborate, conflicts are imminent, and it falls on a leader to resolve them in a fashion that all involved parties can live with.

While many executives are gifted leaders who are just as good at managing a remote workforce as they are at managing an in-office workforce, the new focus on hybrid may still create a daunting challenge.

What is Coach Supervision?

Being an executive coach can be demanding. As a coach, you are often required to support your clients through daunting phases of transition that require skill and agility from both the coach and executive to accomplish. However, the support that executive coaches themselves need can often be overlooked.

Executive coach helping leaders succeed

Choosing the right executive coach has many benefits.

Leader working with her coach

Ever since WHO announced COVID-19 as a global pandemic, organizations everywhere have been under extreme pressure while building complex and changing workplaces. Companies that wish their leaders to work at their highest level of productivity and deliver required results during this challenging time need to invest in their top talent.

Executive coaching is one of the most effective tools for achieving this.

The Best Executive Coaches in the world

Since 1996, WJM has devoted significant resources to finding the best Executive Coaches in the world.

June 2020
Leaders: Step Up

Three months of the Covid lockdown has left so many of us yearning for a return to life as we knew it. However, the killing of George Floyd reminds us that our nostalgia for the status quo is itself a sign of privilege. This injustice, and the subsequent outcry, are stark indicators of how far we are from returning to a ‘normal’ that allows each person to live and prosper with dignity and peace.

WJM Associates was founded and built by a collective passion for developing the full potential of people. Events from the past two weeks are only the latest reminder that so much human potential in our society continues to be needlessly wasted.

So much of helping leaders transform and develop is about nudging them out of their comfort zones. For so many executives, the Covid-19 pandemic has done just that.

Stress and ambiguity are bringing out the best in some as they re-discover underutilized strengths, or the worst, as destructive tendencies emerge, damaging relationships and reputations. The transition to a virtual world and the upcoming transition back to a “new normal” are major ground shifts - upheavals that represent rare opportunities for personal growth and change.

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