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June 2020

Leaders: Step Up

Three months of the Covid lockdown has left so many of us yearning for a return to life as we knew it. However, the killing of George Floyd reminds us that our nostalgia for the status quo is itself a sign of privilege. This injustice, and the subsequent outcry, are stark indicators of how far we are from returning to a ‘normal’ that allows each person to live and prosper with dignity and peace.

WJM Associates was founded and built by a collective passion for developing the full potential of people. Events from the past two weeks are only the latest reminder that so much human potential in our society continues to be needlessly wasted.

We stand in solidarity with our Black customers, coaches and community, and are committed to listening, learning and acting to contribute to a world where everyone can develop to their fullest potential.

The magnitude of the challenges may make us feel helpless, but as leaders, we are anything but. As leaders, it is our responsibility to recognize the unique potential of each person, no matter the color of their skin. As leaders it is in our power to ensure that this potential is not squandered because of policy, prejudice or the complacency of “business as usual.”

Not even the hardest-nosed businessperson can ignore the facts that increased diversity and inclusion, especially on senior leadership teams and in board rooms, drive innovation, talent retention and financial performance – measurable results that go way beyond optics. As leaders of corporations, we must use our influence, our presence and our vision, not only to speak out for change, but to insist on it.

In support of this change, and of the development of future leaders, WJM Associates is making a donation to The Jackie Robinson Foundation, which provides minority youths with scholarships for higher education, career exploration, mentorship and leadership development.

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