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July 2021

What Makes a Great Executive Coach?

Executive coach helping leaders succeed

Choosing the right executive coach has many benefits. From startups to Fortune 500 businesses, global organizations are hiring executive coaches and seeing results in the form of more effective leadership and higher revenue. Having years of experience and the skills to bring positive change, these coaches help executives overcome tough challenges and build teams that contributes to the company's overall growth.

But what makes an excellent executive coach, or what qualities should you look for while hiring an executive coach?

We have compiled the best of such traits.

1. Good Listener

An executive coach must be willing to listen to you. It helps them understand what is essential to your businesses, comprehend your goals, and even determine the patterns, habits, and interactions that adversely impact your business. As an active listener, your coach can help insightfully synthesize your many half-formed ideas into a clear path forward for how you and your team should lead the business.

2. Passionate

Good executive coaches are passionate about what they do. They demonstrate excitement about learning about your company goals, identifying critical gaps and are eager to support your success. Working with a coach who loves to help create a high-performing leadership team is the greatest gift any organization can hope for.

3. Emotionally Intelligent

Emotions impact decision-making ability more than we realize. An effective coach knows how emotional elements may impact your individual effectiveness as a leader. Accordingly, they make informed decisions to help adjust your approach.

4. Result-Oriented

Executive coaching should be laser-focused on bringing results and delivering value. Investing in executive coaching is a business decision to help you upskill your leadership abilities and ultimately to improve business outcomes. It is important to choose a coach who is focused on delivering measurable results for the organization, not just personal development divorced from business needs.

5. Reliable and Trustworthy

To bring the expected results from executive coaching, executives must see their coach as a reliable, sincere, and trustworthy partner. This helps build a successful relationship over time and enables executives to open up to their coaches. It is critical that clear ground rules regarding confidentiality are agreed upon between the executive, coach, leader and HR during the contracting process.

6. Flexible

Every business is unique, and so are its executives. That is why they need a coach who does not insist on rigid methodologies or frameworks and instead offers tailor-made solutions that fit your organizational goals and address the specific challenges you face.

Are you looking for expert coaches?

WJM's executive coaching is tailor-made for each customer company’s most valued leaders, including new hires, promotions, geographic relocations, and changing business situations. Our coaches create a safe and supportive environment for current and future leaders to thrive. Reach out today and let’s talk about how WJM can help your organization and its most valued leaders.

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