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WJM Associates, a leading executive development company based in New York, has released version 2.0 of its WJM Development Tracker™ smartphone app for executive coaching engagements. The award-winning app is now even better with improved graphics and smarter features, making it easier to use than ever.

And it's free!

WJM Associates has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Talent Managment Solution Providers of 2017 by HR Tech Outlook magazine.

"We are delighted to select WJM Associates as one of the Top 10 Talent Management Solution Providers 2017," said Hanna Wilson, Managing Editor of HR Tech Outlook magazine.

NEW YORK – Oct. 20, 2016 – Today at the International Columbia University Coaching Conference a new app designed to deliver behavioral reminders and coaching feedback to executives, in real-time, was announced by WJM Associates, an organizational consulting firm that provides high-impact, practical solutions for companies seeking lasting and measurable improvement in executive performance.

With a touch of a button, the WJM Development Tracker™ collects feedback from managers and colleagues, and charts an executive’s progress against his or her personal coaching goals. The app also allows organizations to quantify the effectiveness of coaching over time by aggregating and measuring the progress of all executives being coached. This enables companies to measure the impact of coaching – a process that is currently largely subjective.

Come join us on October 20th at Columbia University's 2nd INTERNATIONAL COACHING CONFERENCE - THE FUTURE OF COACHING. Tim Morin, President and CEO of WJM Associates will be presenting along with Alison Eydenberg, VP of Coaching Services, and WJM Senior Consultant Helen Materazzi.

Coaching in the 21st-Century: Using Technology to Provide Executives Receiving Coaching with Real Time Feedback and Reinforcement of New, Desired Behaviors

Alison Eydenberg, WJM's VP of Coaching ServicesCase Study: a challenging coaching engagement

John, a newly promoted Vice President at a Financial Services company, was alienating coworkers with a verbose and overbearing communication style. He was persistently “talking over people”, over-complicating his messaging and confusing and frustrating his listeners. John had spent his entire career at the bank and was considered “the best” in his functional role as a policy specialist. However, over the past several years, the bank around him had transitioned into a highly matrixed organization, requiring a more politically-sensitive style in order to influence others into action. John’s apparent inability to sense the frustration he was causing others had become a stumbling block in his new role as unit leader. John’s manager Maria was baffled by John’s shortage of self-awareness and his inability to pick up on obvious social cues.

The organization decided to invest in executive coaching for John. His WJM Executive Coach, Phil interviewed John’s manager Maria and 8 other colleagues about John’s strengths and developmental opportunities. The feedback regarding John’s long-windedness was universal. Some executives had been working with John for a long time, and because of his formidable functional strengths, continued to champion him in spite of his stylistic shortcomings. However, Phil found that even these patient supporters were finally tiring of John’s conversational habits.

Every manager should have one or more subordinates being readied for advancement either to replace the manger or for some other role of comparable value to the organization. To the extent this is not happening, the organization is at risk of not being able to realize its ambitions.

A major challenge for those tasked with the oversight of enterprise talent development initiatives is to identify promising candidates in which to invest and to implement a process for their development. This can take many forms, but one approach could be to coach managers to be coaches in their own right rather than depending solely upon outsourcing that function to external Executive Coaches.

During the past 18 years, WJM Associates has delivered executive coaching for over 3,000 executives at over 400 organizations around the world. We’ve seen tremendously positive outcomes from coaching, as well as instances where it has failed to meet expectations. Here’s why coaching sometimes falls short.

Join the 2020 Women on Boards/New York Chapter to discuss this year's strategic question:

"What will it take for the U.S. to become a global leader in the advancement of women to company boards?"

With over 20 years’ experience developing top leaders, Dr. Robert Patraw spearheads WJM’s High Impact Executive Coaching practice – a concentrated approach to development that involves fast and deep emersion followed by “field testing” of learned skills. Bob’s program is designed for critical situations where an executive is looking to change a core behavior over a short period of time, and to sustain that change over the long-term.

In this process, Bob and one additional WJM coach collaborate to provide an intensive offsite experience to the client receiving coaching. Various assessment instruments, 360° feedback, role playing and scenario planning are used to dramatically increase the executive’s self-awareness and rapidly empower him or her to enact the behavioral shifts desired by the sponsoring organization. Following the offsite, the leader receives ongoing coaching for several months to sustain gains, continue new behaviors and develop additional skills.

Tim Morin, CEO of WJM Associates and WJM Faculty member Helen Materazzi will be presenting at the 2014 GSC SHRM Annual Conference in Atlantic City on Monday, October 20 at 10:15am.

Over the past 17 years, WJM Associates has provided pre-employment and developmental assessments for thousands of professionals. This experience has convinced us that the Hogan Assessment Systems’ suite of products is among the most robust and valid for the entire life-cycle of an employee, including pre-employment selection, high-potential identification, development and derailment.

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