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May 2020

Your Leaders Want to be Great During this Time

So much of helping leaders transform and develop is about nudging them out of their comfort zones. For so many executives, the Covid-19 pandemic has done just that.

Stress and ambiguity are bringing out the best in some as they re-discover underutilized strengths, or the worst, as destructive tendencies emerge, damaging relationships and reputations. The transition to a virtual world and the upcoming transition back to a “new normal” are major ground shifts - upheavals that represent rare opportunities for personal growth and change.

We recently spoke with 30 top executive coaches who reported clients are engaging like never before. Coaching conversations have become deeper as physically isolated executives grapple with a new reality that no one can yet define. They are requesting more frequent sessions, and have been more open and self-reflective in exploring how they lead and care for their teams, their organizations, and themselves.

This is such a rich time for development.

For the past 24 years, top companies have counted on WJM Associates to deliver, manage and measure executive coaching for their current and future leaders. With over 800 of the most rigorously selected coaches in 44 countries, we are surgical in matching each executive with the best fit. All engagements are fully customizable in scope and can be delivered 100% virtually.

Please reach out if you’d like to schedule a call to discuss.

Thank you and please be safe.

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