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May 2021

The Best Executive Coaches

The Best Executive Coaches in the world

Since 1996, WJM has devoted significant resources to finding the best Executive Coaches in the world.

While WJM’s Faculty have had rigorous training in organizational development and/or psychology, we put great emphasis on choosing consultants with direct business experience and a strong real-world understanding of corporate dynamics. In fact, many of our Faculty members have proven track records in senior corporate positions in industries similar to those of our clients. We have received consistently positive feedback from clients who appreciate that WJM’s services are delivered from experience, rather than just theory. Typical Faculty members have 10-25 years’ experience delivering executive coaching at senior levels of major corporations across a wide variety of industries. Our coaches are highly credentialed; approximately 23% have earned Ph.D's., while approximately 47% have earned Masters' degrees. Average length of tenure on WJM Faculty is 9 years.

WJM’s executive coaches have been certified by a variety of certification programs including: International Coach Federation (ACC, PCC, MCC), Columbia Coaching Certification Program (3CP), Newfield Network, Fielding Graduate University, Hudson Institute, INSEAD, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Academy for Coach Training and others. In fact, quite a few of our Faculty members are professors or trainers for prominent certification programs. While encouraging certification and continued professional development and education, WJM does not insist on certification from any single organization. Also, certification does not ensure acceptance onto WJM’s Faculty. Of greater consideration than any particular form of certification is significant and verifiable success actually delivering coaching at the appropriate levels in corporations similar to those of our clients.

WJM utilizes a rigorous selection process for our Faculty, including a thorough interview process that screens candidates against WJM’s core Executive Coach Competencies and collects information regarding the consultant’s years of coaching experience, minimum number of past and current assignments, industry expertise, coaching philosophy, assessment certification and alignment with WJM’s coaching process and ethical standards. All Faculty members are interviewed by our CEO Tim Morin and further screened by our Vice President of Coaching Services, as well as the appropriate Account Director for specific assignments. All Faculty members sign a Faculty Agreement and agree to adhere to WJM’s Faculty Guidelines which specifies rules of engagement around confidentiality, effective collaboration, reporting requirements and other matters.

We invest as much time and effort in maintaining good relationships with our Faculty members as with our clients. WJM has developed a strong reputation over the years as a “coach-friendly” organization. We offer collegial and stimulating partnership, with competitive fees and low administrative burdens. As a result, we’ve been successful in attracting coaches, who we believe, are the most experienced and effective in the field. For many of our most experienced coaches, WJM is the only coaching organization they will partner with outside of individual practices.

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