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July 2008

Tailor-Made Executive Transition

With economic pressures mounting, more executives are being asked to change roles or positions, move to new locations, or leave their organizations entirely. Many people facing termination or a reduction or change in power or position are asking for exit packages that include some kind of career or life coaching.

WJM Executive Transitions™ is a confidential and unique career/life management service through which we assist a senior executive in developing a vision that takes into account both personal and professional goals. Executive Transitions™ is designed for senior leaders who are strategizing the next phase in an already successful career.

Unlike typical, “cookie-cutter” outplacement services, Executive Transitions™ is delivered much in the same manner as an Executive Coaching engagement. The executive is assigned a personal career transition coach, or team of coaches depending on the need, who collaborate on a highly customized and highly personalized transition campaign. This process begins with assessment of the individual’s managerial and leadership competencies, which leads to the development of a strategy for self-marketing in order to manage career transition most effectively. Alternatively, the coach collaborates with the individual on a plan for retirement, including family issues, community involvement, Board memberships, etc.

The service doesn’t end once the job is landed. WJM works with the executive to negotiate the hiring package, mindful that an offer of employment is not only about money issues. Fit, culture, career objectives, and learning opportunities are some of the other essential success factors. WJM will assist the client to evaluate, compare, and then negotiate the best opportunity.

Finally, WJM stays with the newly hired executive to ensure their success in the new company and position. We emphasize assimilation into the culture, building winning relationships with other executives and direct reports, identifying critical objectives, and clearly defining expectations.

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