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August 2007

Executive Retirement: End of the Road, or a New Beginning?

Introducing Act II™ - a support network of highly successful people who seek to make a new contribution, forge new territory or take on new challenges in the next chapter of their lives

Everywhere I go today, I meet more and more people who find themselves in the same life situation. They have been very successful in the first half of their lives, but now they are near retirement or recently retired or no longer satisfied in their job. Some of them don’t have to make money anymore. Others still need to work, but don’t need to make as much as they use to. All of them have little interest in spending the next thirty or forty years just playing golf or tennis or whatever. They want to make a difference. They want to do something meaningful. They want to contribute to something that matters. Or, after years of living the corporate life, they want to start a small entrepreneurial venture involving something they love, but they don’t want to do it alone.

Where do these dynamic individuals go to seek the support they need? Some have executive coaches. Some join business networking groups. But their conversation is not just about business networking. It is a conversation about leaving a legacy, making a difference, knowing one’s life’s purpose—a “true calling”—beyond raising a family and making money. They all have gifts they want to share and parts of them they want to develop.

There is a great power in group energy and support. That’s why I have created a group experience for these people, of which I am one. My kids are grown. I was successful in my first career. Now I want to do this—create a place where people like me can come and raise these questions and get them answered in a safe supportive setting with like-minded successful individuals. I have named it “Act II,” which I believe accurately reflects its mission.

Together with WJM Associates, we are launching two inaugural events in September, both on Thursday, September 20, from 9-12am and from 5-8pm. To maximize the success of these inaugural offerings, pre-selection of participants will involve a brief application and short phone interview. As a Human Resources professional, please consider successful people from your organization who are recently retired, or nearing retirement and who are wondering what’s next?, and please ask them to contact us at (212) 972-7400.

We are very excited about this effort and the emerging need it will serve. We look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone who wants to help promote and support this worthwhile and much-needed service. Let the curtain be raised on Act II.

WJM Associates Faculty member Bennett Neiman, Ph.D. has been a successful organizational development consultant for years. He is a highly engaging facilitator and speaker and is the author of the book “Slay the Dragons-Free the Genie: Moving past negativity and resistance to get great results.”

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