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March 2020

Best Executive Coaching Companies

Best Executive Coaching Companies

How should Talent Management professionals evaluate executive coaching companies? When choosing the best executive coaching organization to partner with, consider the following questions:

How many executive coaches do they offer?

Where are firm’s coaches located?

Are coaching services delivered locally face-to-face? Virtually? Combination?

How does the executive coaching company select its coaches? What are the criteria, certification requirements, etc.?

Do they train their coaches?

How does the executive coaching company manage coaching engagements?

How does the executive coaching vendor ensure quality control?

How does the coaching company share information about the engagements?

How easy does the coaching company make it to track your organization’s coaching assignments?

What does the coaching service provider’s typical coaching process look like?

What kind of assessment process does the provider use?

Does the coaching company involve the boss/manager in engagements? HR?

Does the coaching provider offer Coach Supervision?

What kind of technology does the coaching company use to support coaching?

How well does the coaching service provider integrate into your company’s talent management processes?

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