Executive Coaching Questions & Answers

When is executive coaching not the right solution?

  • The coaching is being used as a “last ditch” effort to save an executive who should really leave the company. Remedial coaching efforts often result in “too little, too late” for an executive who is unlikely to change a consensus already reached or secure forgiveness from key stakeholders.
  • Success is driven by factors beyond the executive’s reach, such as economic, technological or other business factors.
  • The executive suffers from personal or emotional problems that are best addressed by a professional such as a clinical psychologist, social worker or lawyer.
  • The problem emanates from a poorly designed organizational structure or management process, rather than from the individual. These situations may be best addressed by an organizational development specialist.
  • The executive is in the wrong job or position. Some situations require reassignment and may call for the services of a career or outplacement counselor rather than a coach.
  • The executive does not believe in or desire coaching.

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