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Strategic Team Coaching

Contracting The team’s strategic plan is translated into achievable strategic objectives for each of the executives undergoing coaching. These objectives describe in detail the role and responsibilities, including deliverables with deadlines, that each team member is responsible for vis-à-vis the team’s strategic plan. These objectives will form the basis of measurement criteria used to later gauge the effectiveness of the Strategic Coaching program.
Assessment Each executive is assessed via a customized set of instruments designed to increase self-awareness and measure the team’s collective ability to execute the strategy. Using this data, leadership competencies necessary to accomplish the team members’ strategic objectives are determined for each team member. In addition, the Team Leader identifies particular skills based on corporate values that the coaches and their executives will also need to consider in their coaching contracts.
Action Plan The coach reviews all relevant data with the executive and then works with him or her and the Team Leader to create a Developmental Action Plan, which leverages strengths and addresses the executive’s developmental opportunities. The development plan contains 2 - 3 actionable items to assist the executive in meeting his or her strategic objectives.
Coaching The executive and his/her coach meet regularly (typically six months) in a collaborative effort to successfully execute the action items in the individual development plan.
Coach Meetings Each month while the individual coaching is being delivered, the coaches meet for mentoring sessions with the Lead Coach that raise organizational issues common to each executive and give feedback to the Team Leader along with suggestions for his review.
Measure Measures of progress against the individual executive’s strategic objectives are collected and reviewed by the coaches and consolidated in a report to HR and the Team Leader.
Follow-Up Each executive is given homework to reflect on what worked in their coaching and to try out techniques to accomplish follow-on goals. Several months later, a workshop is commenced, attended by both the Team and the coaches to review the coaching process, evaluate the homework results and practice new skills that would enhance the results of the program.

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