Individual Leaders


WJM’s On-Board Coaching Process

Individual Assessment An individual assessment of the new hire is carried out to assure full knowledge of personal, managerial and communication style. Technical skills can also be assessed.
Setting Expectations Managers and significant peers of the newly hired are interviewed about expectations, success factors, “derailers” and corporate culture. This critical information is communicated to the executive.
Coaching The new executive is coached for the first 3 months of his/her tenure. This coaching is calibrated to the company’s competencies and cultural issues, and focuses on rapid assimilation, the building of successful relationships and clear identification of role expectations and critical performance objectives.
Team Review A final 360° assessment is conducted with relevant peers and subordinates to determine the progress and success of the new leader’s assimilation. Established objectives are reviewed and an on-boarding coaching effectiveness report is generated. A strategy for sustaining success is developed.

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