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High-Impact Coaching

Today’s rapidly evolving environment sometimes calls for “Just-in-Time” development.

Occasionally a more intensive coaching intervention is needed in order to assist an individual in quickly adjusting behavior to accommodate a promotion or a shift in role, culture or strategy. These situations may include:

  • A high-value executive who requires immediate behavior change and/or demonstration of different strengths
  • A need to quickly fill gaps in succession planning/staffing efforts
  • Recruitment costs that are too high vs. internal promotion
  • New leadership competencies required as part of a significant organizational change initiative

WJM’s High-Impact Coaching offers a concentrated approach to development, delivered individually and “just-in-time” to strengthen under-developed skills or address critical deficiencies in current performance in a very time-sensitive manner. This program is designed for critical situations where an executive is looking to change a core behavior over a short period of time, and to sustain the change over the long term.

A concentrated approach to development involving fast and deep immersion followed by “field testing” of learned skills

High-Impact Coaching involves an intensive offsite experience with the client and two highly skilled WJM Executive Coaches. Various assessment instruments, 360° feedback, role playing and scenario planning are used to dramatically increase the executive’s self-awareness and rapidly empower him or her to enact the behavioral shifts desired by the sponsoring organization. Following the offsite, the leader receives ongoing coaching for several months to sustain gains, continue new behaviors and develop additional skills.

Delivers positive behavior change and increased effectiveness within six weeks.

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