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April 2021

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Ijeoma Oluo

Many believe that race is a topic best left alone in polite company. But how can we tackle problems around race if we won’t even talk about it? Author Oluo has created an honest, and importantly, useful guide to talking about race, whether it is around the office or the family dinner table. This clear-eyed examination of implicit racism, privilege, affirmative action, microaggressions, the “n-word”, etc. do not make for comfortable reading. However, Oluo makes the discomfort well worth it by helping us navigate challenging conversations more effectively, and with more kindness. Why must we talk about race if it is so risky and painful? Afterall, we cannot talk our way out of a racially oppressive system. But we can talk our way into understanding, and we can then use that understanding to act.

HIGHLIGHT(S): Ask yourself: Am I trying to be correct? Am I trying to prove that I am “woke”? Or am I trying to do better? Conversations on racism should never be about winning. We are in this to share, and to learn.

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