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August 2021

Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ by Brian Glibkowski, PhD

Most of us are familiar with the six types of questions (What, Why, When, Where, Who, & How.) But what about different types of answers? Author Glibkowski contends that every important conversation involves six possible answers (Story, Metaphor, Concept, Theory, Procedure & Action), and that mastering all of them makes us better leaders, coaches, salespeople, job candidates, doctors, etc., or more simply, better communicators in any situation where we need to influence others. Developing our “AQ” requires honing our skills at providing answers that appeal to both the right and left sides of the listener’s brain. Glibkowski gets into the weeds a bit, but the point is not to memorize a complicated framework, but rather to practice the six types until they become somewhat automatic, and we are better at providing “elevated answers to important questions.” Readers are given access to an online AQ self-assessment.

HIGHLIGHT(S): The best type of answer depends on your objective. If your goal is to explain and predict, use Theory and Concept. If your goal is to make a personal and emotional connection, use Story and Metaphor. If your goal is to achieve tangible results, use Procedure and Action. If presenting to a diverse audience, say for a town hall style presentation, it’s appropriate to mix them all.

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