Client Testimonials

Executive Coaching

The WJM coaching experience is a personal trainer for your leadership fitness. You have to maintain the behavior change after the sessions are over but coaching gives you personal tools to meet your specific leadership growth needs tailored to your specific business and work environment. My WJM coach was empathetic and a great sounding board. The process was flexible yet well paced: fast enough to keep learning active and in front of me while allowing time to demonstrate and get feedback on new behaviors between sessions.

Jocelyn Scott, Vice President, Engineering, Facilities and Capital Asset Productivity, DuPont

My WJM coach was excellent and I would strongly recommend him. He challenged me to think more strategically and called it like it is. His insights into personnel, peers and Board relationships were invaluable. The constructive dialogue that we had aided me in not only being a more strategic thinker, but gave clarity into what my legacy at the organization will be. The whole coaching experience was challenging and rewarding. This went far beyond my expectations.

Chief Financial Officer, Major Medical Center

WJM established clear goals, met deadlines and had well-defined developmental results. A great example of what coaching can be.

Director, Human Resources, Major Pharmaceutical Company

The face-to-face interaction with my WJM executive coach was most effective. He was the right coach for my needs. His experience, patience and expertise in the subject made him very effective. The whole process was a very beneficial experience. My coach did an excellent job of guiding me through it, always in a very positive way. I will continue to draw on my learnings to keep improving.

Plant Controller, Major Medical Manufacturing Company

In terms of ROI, investing in executive assessment and coaching is a no-brainer; and nobody provides these services better than WJM. WJM delivers a quality service that has real business impact. Their coaching process is systematic and transparent and achieves what it sets out to achieve.

Mark Suwyn, Chairman & CEO, NewPage Holding Corporation (former CEO, Louisiana- Pacific Corporation)

I really enjoyed having my WJM Coach as a third party to gain insights and perspective from. I view her as one of those experienced operators who makes it happen based on what she says and delivers. She really helped me to expand my range and grow as a leader. I thought my Coach was great!

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary; Global Specialty Chemicals and Materials Company

I was very satisfied with the coaching provided by WJM. My WJM Coach was fantastic. Overall, The WJM team brought to bear a range of capabilities and experience that were specific and impactful given my particular developmental needs. I would recommend WJM –the services they provided me made a real difference.

Shane Fleming, Chairman and CEO Cytec Industries

The coaching engagement along with other key experiences has generated a period of high growth and development for me. My WJM coach was an excellent partner who I enjoyed working with. Overall this has been a very high return investment. I am still actively practicing and refining the new behaviors we worked together to identify and develop.

John W. Mooney, VP,Operations. Dupont

Coordinated Group Development (Leadership Discovery™)

AH decided to embark on the Leadership Discovery Process™ with WJM Associates to codify our succession planning efforts to provide leadership and skill development to prepare our organization for the future. The LDP™ is a focused, organized, concise and effective development program which raises people’s awareness of their strengths and opportunities for development in a non-threatening way. The LDP™, and in particular the triad sessions conducted with the WJM coach, the participant and the participant’s manager, had a nice focus on both career and personal growth and fostered a constructive and supportive conversation.

Joseph Trunfio, Ph.D. President and CEO Atlantic Health

WJM’s Leadership Discovery Process™ has more than met our expectations. It has been a great way to engage our highly-valued Officers and Directors in a robust and targeted development process. Our WJM Account Director has been instrumental in supporting the success of the program and the expertise and skill of the WJM coaches has been spot on.

Lynn Turner Director HR/OD Atlantic Health

Our company was facing constraints on our developmental budgets. WJM’s Leadership Discovery Process™ allowed us to continue to invest in our new and existing leaders and offer them critical development opportunities – which will enable our firm to meet business objectives in both today’s market and in the future. WJM is a skilled and professional organization that I would recommend to anyone trying to attract, coach, or develop executive talent.

Global Head of Talent Strategy, Major Financial Services Company

Executive Assessment

WJM has excelled in guiding executives to identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop action plans allowing for future growth. WJM’s assessment process of candidates for key roles in organizations not only helps companies hire candidates meeting job specifications, but also gives insight to how they will fit in their new organization. WJM is a skilled and professional organization that I would recommend to anyone trying to attract, coach, or develop executive talent.

Chris Fashek, Executive Chairman, Systagenix


WJM’s FastStart On-board Coaching service was extremely helpful to me as I joined Ethicon's head office in a new position, in a new country, with a different language. Of course expectations of my performance were extremely high. My WJM Coach helped me in identifying my key stakeholders and in building relationships with them. She was an excellent sounding board and intermediary for me. The meetings we had were extremely effective and impactful. My Coach also helped me navigate through some organizational alignment issues that I encountered.

Felix Guimoye, Director of Worldwide Marketing - Wound Closure, Ethicon, Inc.

High-Impact Coaching

My primary reason for participating in WJM’s High Impact Coaching was to rapidly improve my ability to deal with difficult customers both internally and externally under very challenging circumstances. My way of responding to frustrating conflicts with others was impeding critical progress on a large and high profile project that I was involved with. The High Impact Coaching Process provided both a much needed fast start to my development as a leader, as well as a depth of self awareness and an ability to manage myself in difficult circumstances that has made all the difference in my success as a senior member of the project team.

Senior Scientist, Major U.S. Government Contractor


I am so pleased with the services provided to UCB by WJM Associates. The variety of services offered, professionalism, flexibility and the level of expertise of their coaches is beyond reproach. UCB has seen results within our senior management team due to the creativity and coaching of the WJM team. It has been my pleasure to work with WJM and I hope to continue the relationship between WJM and UCB for years to come.

Fabrice Egros, President UCB, Inc.

Executive Transition

WJM’s Account Director who coordinated the delivery of Executive Transition services for a large client really made the whole process smooth and efficient. He was our single point of contact, was easy to establish rapport with, had in-depth knowledge of our business needs, and provided a lot of personal attention. Having a single point of contact to partner with is important as it streamlines the process, eliminating the need to re-explain the same information. With WJM, once the groundwork was laid, we had great comfort that things were in good hands. WJM provided us with a real relationship.

Meg Huber, Assistant Vice President, Aon Consulting, Inc.

My WJM Consultant helped me a lot, helping me with expectations and managing frustrations - knowing it's normal to experience these things. The process was outstanding. It was a customized approach, not just something off the shelf. The research and clerical support was great. Everything WJM did was perfect - that's why I've referred people to them.

Elroy Cartwright, Marketing Director, Vonage Holdings

Thanks to my WJM Coach and the WJM team for all the support - professional and emotional - that they have provided me during my transition. WJM set me up for success from the start, helped my confidence and kept me moving forward. As a team, WJM always had great insights along the many steps during the search process - from the 'branding' of myself to the process of successful interviewing to the negotiations to finally coming to an agreement with my new employer. I landed in a role and company that was pretty much in the bull's eye of my target.

Tom McDermott, Vice President, Capital One

As a Human Resources professional, coaching and mentoring executives on career, business or management choices is what you do. So finding a trusted advisor for yourself requires someone with a wide range of tools, experiences and network that can offer the right coaching during different times in your career. After meeting with a host executive coaching and organizational development consultants, I settled on WJM. Working with their organization psychologists, we were able to develop a comprehensive, customized plan that paired me with experts in change management, organizational design, and executive coaching. Their team approach ensured I had access to the right consultants for all my needs – expanding into new industries, exploring more entrepreneurial opportunities, and ultimately choosing a direction that was personally fulfilling and helped further my career. When you use WJM, you’re not just getting a coach, but a team of trusted advisors – who for me, became more than just business associates.

Eric M Bacolas, SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources, Innovation Interactive

When it comes to your career, “off-the-shelf” outplacement doesn’t cut it. Having left a difficult position, WJM’s coaching approach to transition was instrumental in restoring my confidence and excitement about my career. The consultants at WJM brought sound strategy and focus to my search, while improving my ability to recognize and communicate my unique strengths. Partnering with WJM on my job transition has been a productive experience.

Former CFO, Major Television Network

Career transition can be a lonely and challenging experience. WJM countered this with a level of personal support that far exceeded my expectations. I have benefited greatly from WJM’s customized and open-minded approach to my job search, not to mention the excellent administrative and research support they’ve provided. They were a very good sounding board as I went through this entire process. It’s quite a service.

Former CFO, $100 billion Financial Services Company

Team Alignment

I believe WJM’s Team Alignment process has made a major contribution to our ability to perform and meet aggressive business goals. We are truly working cross functionally rather than in the silos that so often defined out past. We are a stronger, unified team able to meet diverse, simultaneous challenges that would have taxed our capabilities before. In fact, WJM’s process has been successfully cascaded across the organization with several issue specific teams working on business, culture and people issues.

President, major telecommunications company

Strategic Team Coaching

The Strategic Team Coaching was designed to help us achieve hard business transformation endpoints. They were achieved and leadership skills improved along the way.

Emmanuel Caeymaex, President, UCB Japan Co., Ltd., a global Biopharma company

Succession Management

I am amazed how much the WJM Consultant has learned about our people and operation so quickly and the trust and the confidence developed with the three key managers and as well as myself. WJM delivered some difficult to hear feedback in a non-threatening and constructive manner that encouraged an open mind and an inquisitive and positive response.

Jerry Liu, President, D.G. Liu Contractor, Inc.

Our Board of Directors and I were very pleased with the holistic Succession Planning approach that WJM brought to our company. I was impressed by the capabilities of the WJM Consultants who provided structure and also optimal flexibility in meeting the specific developmental needs of our executives. The WJM Account Director was attentive and made sure the quality of service was there, start to finish. All in all, the project was very successful. I recommend WJM's Succession Planning services to any organization facing senior-level succession opportunities.

David Lilley, Chairman and CEO, Cytec Industries Inc. (1997 - 2008)

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