Senior Teams

Strategic Team Coaching

This process offers a highly coordinated approach to developing the leadership capabilities of a group that is tasked with a specific organizational objective or change.

Too often executive coaching is delivered in isolation, with the client’s developmental plan reflecting only his or her personal strengths/opportunities for improvement and not the team’s goals or the development plans of colleagues. This approach offers a coordinated method for linking individual development plans to real corporate goals.

Program Objectives:

  • Improve effectiveness and alignment
  • Develop and motivate senior leaders
  • Increase accountability among team members
  • Facilitate successful restructurings or other organizational change
  • Efficiently assimilate a new team leader
  • Support alliances

A group of WJM coaches, including one acting as “Lead Coach”, works with a senior team responsible for one or more strategic initiatives. In addition to one-on-one sessions with their clients, the coaches meet monthly for mentoring sessions with the Lead Coach. During these meetings, issues common to each person are raised and feedback is given to the team leader along with suggestions for his or her review. Confidentiality of the individual coaching sessions is maintained throughout the engagement.

WJM Faculty Cabinet

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