Senior Teams

Rapid Team Alignment

Prepare WJM consultant(s) meet with the team’s leader to review the alignment program goals and develop objectives for the team from three perspectives: the leader, the team, and the individual executive. WJM focuses on determining the overall methodology for the alignment program and defining specific measurable outcomes.
Gather Data In order to measure the impact of each executive on the collective productivity of the group, WJM gathers assessment data to generate a profile of individual and team strengths and developmental objectives. We utilize interviews and proprietary tools that assess alignment, member engagement, and individual developmental strengths and challenges. These results allow the team to determine how to best accomplish goals, generate working norms and build cohesion around a common objective. Our process allows us to focus on the behaviors that drive success and collect metrics around objectives and accountability.
Team Workshops In advance of the workshop, WJM conducts prep work with each individual so that the workshops are meaningful and targeted. In the workshop setting, WJM Associates works with the team to:
  1. Define the strategy, vision, mission, values and plans that are unique for the team.
  2. Determine role, responsibilities and expectations of each member individually, and as a collective whole.
  3. Develop procedures for solving problems, making decisions, communicating, managing conflict and evaluating and measuring performance.
  4. Enable positive relationships, through mutual trust, support, inclusion, listening and feedback.
  5. Maximize the leader’s personal credibility while maintaining their strategic focus, establishing clear expectations, developing team members, managing change and resolving conflict.

Coaching In some cases, individuals may desire additional counsel to reach their objectives. In these cases, WJM offers individual coaching to address specific challenges.
Measure WJM’s process allows for the measurement of progress on top business priorities. Mini-360 surveys can be used to measure progress. Results are presented to the team to adjust the course, if required.

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