Senior Teams

Rapid Team Alignment

The most significant human achievements are the result of a group working together towards a shared objective.

As leadership expert Robert Hogan points out, if effective teams can be established and maintained, positive organizational outcomes will emerge. When they fall apart, an organization experiences lower productivity, lower morale and other negative consequences.

Unfortunately, in many organizations today, senior teams are not teams at all, but rather a group of functional and business unit heads with little inclination to cooperate with one another. However, when an organization’s leaders become effective team leaders and align and motivate, powerful things happen: Trust is built, barriers are broken down, and differences are leveraged rather than discouraged.

WJM Associates offers a rigorously customized program designed to provide practical, long-term solutions to the specific business challenges faced by senior management teams.

Our approach:

  • Ensures buy-in to the team’s priorities
  • Identifies and communicates expectations of each individual to improve the ability of the group to meet its goals
  • Clarifies individual roles and responsibilities and the most significant obstacles that must be overcome
  • Provides a concise scorecard to use to monitor progress

Unlike traditional “teambuilding” events that impart fleeting and vague notions of cohesion, WJM’s process focuses exclusively on how relationships between individuals are supporting or undermining real business objectives. WJM assists the leader and his/her reports in increasing understanding regarding each executive’s priorities, roles and workloads, and consensus on how to best to achieve maximum alignment, particularly where members depend on each other to achieve shared goals.

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