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Pre-Employment Assessment

WJM’s Pre-Employment Assessment Process

Creation of Specific Position Profile (Set-Up) The client organization completes an online Hogan Job Evaluation Tool (JET). Using the JET results and company-specific leadership competencies, WJM creates a custom benchmark to evaluate the individual candidate’s Hogan results against. Optionally, the organization may consider having current executives take the actual Hogan assessment to gather empirical data to further validate the output of the JET process. A minimum of three “strong” and three “weak” performers is recommended.
Hogan Assessment The candidate completes three Hogan assessments: Personality Inventory (HPI), Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI).
Pre-Employment Interview A WJM consultant interviews the candidate. By comparing the individual’s Hogan results with the custom benchmark, key areas are identified for further exploration during the interview process.
Report A customized Leadership Effectiveness Assessment for Pre-Employment™ (LEAP™) is generated that scores the candidate against the organization’s specific competencies using the relevant Hogan factors as well as ratings from the in-person interview. An Overall evaluation of the Candidate’s “fit for position” (Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High) is provided as well as specific information regarding position and culture fit and identification of tendencies that could undermine performance success.
On-boarding support If the candidate is hired, WJM shares the LEAP™ with the individual in a feedback session with a focus on key developmental opportunities and successful assimilation into the organization. If appropriate, a three-way meeting with the hire’s manager, discussing similar information is facilitated by the WJM consultant.

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