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Pre-Employment Assessment

When filling key leadership positions, organizations that habitually measure potential against clearly defined success criteria enjoy superior performance over those that do not.
WJM’s Pre-Employment Assessment process can significantly improve hiring and succession management decisions, as well as reduce executive failure.

We assess candidates to identify:

  • Personal characteristics needed to effectively execute job requirements
  • Likely “derailers” that may inhibit performance
  • Motivators, values and preferences determining cultural fit
  • Organizational specific competencies critical for success

As part of this process, WJM creates a custom “benchmark” linking specific client-identified job criteria to scales from the Hogan Assessment Systems suite of instruments. WJM supplements the candidate’s Hogan results with an in-depth, face-to-face interview to further evaluate the individual against the client’s leadership competency model and other criteria. WJM interprets these results, analyzes the interview data and generates a Leadership Effectiveness Assessment for Pre-Employment™ (LEAP™), a report providing an overall evaluation of the candidate’s “fit for position” (Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High) and description of the data supporting this rating.

The report can also be used for on-boarding support and further development if the candidate is hired.

Why Hogan?

Since 1996, WJM has provided pre-employment and developmental assessments to thousands of professionals, employing dozens of different psychometric instruments. This experience and our current appraisal of available tools has convinced us Hogan is the most robust and valid for the entire life-cycle of an employee, including pre-employment selection, high-potential identification, development and derailment.

Hogan maintains a large and well-developed archive of original research, affording access to hundreds of real-world validity studies demonstrating the extent to which these assessments predict performance. The solutions are legally defensible for selection and have been proven to be empirically linked to job performance and do not demonstrate adverse impact .

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