High-Potential Groups

Online 360° Survey

Super-Efficient Feedback

WJM offers a fully customizable online 360° survey with a modern and easy-to-navigate interface. Ideal for high-volume 360° processes, the survey allows respondents to provide scores for multiple participants simultaneously, thereby reducing “rater fatigue” and improving response (rating) distribution. This technology eliminates the need to launch a new survey for each participant and significantly reduces the time raters need to complete the 360° process.

Organizations are able to select from several scale types and ranges, and choose from competency and sub-competency libraries by level (manager, individual contributor, executive) or add custom competencies and questions. Fully customizable open-ended questions can be included to collect rater comments, often the most essential part of the feedback.

WJM’s output report is designed to be easy to understand and practical for development. It provides quick insight into strengths, developmental opportunities and disconnects, and culminates in an individualized developmental action plan. The report can be sent directly to participants or delivered in a feedback session with a WJM executive coach.

Targeted follow-up 360°’s can be administered within minutes to measure progress against developmental goals.

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