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Leadership Development Workshops

WJM Associates offers learning-based, group workshops that are specifically tailored to your organization’s unique culture and highest priority leadership development goals.

These participative half- or whole-day sessions are facilitated by subject matter experts from WJM’s Faculty and are customized to develop the leadership capabilities aligned with your company’s specific business challenges. They are designed to fully integrate into existing leadership development platforms or to be delivered as a component of a coordinated group development program such as WJM’s Leadership Discovery Process™.

Providing developmental learning in a group setting is not only cost-effective, but also helps build a “community of practice” among the company’s current or high-potential leaders.

After initial planning sessions with the client organization, WJM will recommend Faculty members best suited to design and deliver the particular program. Custom agenda templates, presentation materials, handouts, and Participant and Facilitator guide books are developed as well. Train-the-trainer support is available for all offerings.

Workshops are available on numerous topics and are custom designed for your particular organization.

The following is a select sample of recent offerings:

Sample WJM’s Talent Development Workshop

Creating High Performance Teams

  • Clarify individual roles, accountabilities, interdependencies and performance metrics
  • Practice essentials and enablers of high performing teams through interactive exercises
  • Identify opportunities and barriers to performance, as well as behaviors required for collaboration

New Manager’s Workshop

  • Learn key behaviors associated with successfully assuming management role.
  • Balance “task” behaviors with “relationship” behaviors.
  • Practice effective communication to build relationships and influence others
  • Effectively handle difficult conversations

Thriving During Times of Change

  • Explore the underlying forces that produce change
  • Navigate change through specific strategies
  • Practice achieving desired outcomes in times of turbulence


  • Learn how creativity and innovation are pertinent to every employee and how they play different roles in business
  • Generate more ideas and choose the best
  • Discuss how to overcome obstacles to innovation

Time: Your Most Valuable Asset

  • Prioritize tasks and activities, eliminate time wasters, and manage personal and professional time more efficiently
  • Assign priority to tasks, set goals, create a schedule and plan effectively.

Course outlines and facilitator profiles available upon request.

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