High-Potential Groups

High-Potential Group Development

Pre-Program WJM coordinates with the appropriate organization personnel to define the overall content of the program, measures of success, communications strategy and material design.
Participant Leadership Assessment WJM conducts an interview with the participating executive and his/her manager focusing on perceived strengths and developmental opportunities. Following the interview, WJM administers an online assessment. WJM most often uses MBTI®, or Hogan® depending on the organization and situation.
360° Assessment WJM gathers 360° data from the executive’s managers, peers, and direct reports. The goal of the 360° is to understand how other colleagues perceive and experience the executive. The 360° is fully customized to reflect the organization’s identified core leadership competencies. WJM can partner with leadership to fully identify these competencies if necessary. Interviews can be done face-to-face, or by the telephone, with up to 8 individuals. For a broader audience, an online survey can be utilized.
Leadership Proficiency Evaluation & Developmental Planning The results are summarized in a Leadership Effectiveness Assessment for Development (LEAD)™ report and delivered to the executive in a feedback session with his/her manager, subject to previously agreed upon confidentiality guidelines. During this session, a development plan is agreed upon, focusing on the 2 to 3 major themes from the assessment and interviews. The executive going through this process better understands his or her natural tendencies as well as his or her leadership style, often for the first time.
Targeted Executive Coaching A highly qualified and experienced WJM consultant provides targeted coaching to the executive to help “operationalize” a few well defined developmental objectives over a two month period. The coaching is delivered through a combination of face-to-face and phone sessions.
Organizational Themes & Group Development Sessions WJM provides the company with high-priority organizational competency themes and developmental gaps identified among the participants. If desired, WJM provides content experts to train executives on desired leadership capabilities during highly interactive, hands-on learning modules. These sessions can be curriculum and/or Action Learning based.
Measurement & Follow-up WJM partners with the organization to identify the most appropriate means for tracking progress against individual development goals and overall satisfaction with the program. This often takes the form of mini-360° questionnaires and other surveys. Some individuals may elect to receive continued coaching after program completion.

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