Individual Leaders

High-Impact Coaching

The High-Impact Coaching Process

Plan and Offsite Prep Initial conversation(s) with client to establish rapport and start formation of the 360º assessment and Critical Event list (selection of past and upcoming events to role-play), as well as to draft a set of goals for the coaching process. Conduct 360º and Critical Event interviews. Whenever possible, those exhibiting role model behaviors in the organization are part of the interview group.
Three Day Offsite The coaches and the client exchange thoughts on the process, expectations, concerns, etc. An in-depth interview covering major periods in the client’s life and career is conducted in order to understand formative events as well as learning strategies and reactions to change over time. Feedback on the instrument(s) selected for the client is given and key elements are summarized for consideration during the remainder of the offsite. The thematic results from the 360º are delivered and discussed looking for opportunities and themes to address during the offsite. Recreate past or upcoming Critical Event; review tape; reverse roles; try out new strategies; repeat…
Prep for Re-entry Determine the strategy for return to work. Meetings with key stakeholders to discuss changes in the working relationship. Strategize about demonstrating new or enhanced skills and to whom. Set critical behavioral goals for first 3 weeks on-site.
Ongoing Development Set check-in points and next appointment priorities. Mini-surveys/assessments are employed to measure progress. Results are presented to the team to maintain focus and adjust the course, if necessary. Ongoing coaching for 3 to 6 months depending on need.

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