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Client/Coach Matchmaking Process

While many vendors offer the services of a small team of coaches, our highly experienced faculty of over 300 coaches allows for greater adaptability in complementing the personality, developmental needs, organizational culture, industry, personal background, location and even the language of the executive being coached.

Before each engagement, the WJM Account Director speaks with HR, the manager of the executive, and/or the executive to discuss the background of the client, reasons for bringing in a coach, the process, developmental opportunities and specific desired outcomes.

Questions asked during this conversation include:

  • Tell us about the client: Strengths, Non-strengths, Team, etc.
  • What steps have they taken thus far to address strengths, non-strengths?
  • What business challenges is the client currently facing?
  • What are the expectations regarding coaching?; desired outcomes?
  • Has the client been coached before? If not/if so are they open to it?
  • Has the client taken a 360º assessment in the past 12 months?
  • Has the client received feedback? If yes, how has he/she responded?
  • Are all key stakeholders in agreement to enter into a coaching agreement?
  • Are there any preferences for a coach? (specific background, gender, geography, etc.)
  • Any questions or concerns?

The WJM Account Director then collaborates with our Vice President of Coaching Services to identify a short list of leadership experts from our Faculty who best matche with the client. Typically two or three profiles are then presented to the client or HR in order to begin the process of scheduling chemistry interviews prior to final selection. Since many clients have never interviewed a coach before, WJM provides them with a list of questions to consider asking during this conversation to ensure a great match:

  • Tell me about yourself, .e.g. your background, how and why you became a coach?
  • Can you describe your style or philosophy?
  • What assessment tools do you use?
  • Can you describe the results that one of your clients has achieved through your process?
  • Can you describe the structure and content of a typical coaching session? How frequently will we meet? How long will we work together?
  • How do you handle confidentiality? How is it set up and managed appropriately with all key stakeholders?
  • How do we establish developmental goals and how do we measure success?
  • What else should I know?

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