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Executive Coaching

WJM’s Executive Coaching Process

Pre-Program The WJM Account Director (AD) meets with HR and/or the manager of the executive to discuss the developmental opportunities, specific desired outcomes, communications to the executive, reporting process, etc. The AD then presents a suitable selection of coaches for the client to interview.
Contracting The client, the manager, HR and the coach reach agreement on confidentiality, desired outcomes and measurement. Up-front contracting outlines key duties and responsibilities.
Assessment WJM typically utilizes online assessments such as Hogan and MBTI. Other assessments that the client favors can also be utilized. Interviews with the boss and the executive along with face-to-face or online 360º surveys with key stakeholders are conducted, if appropriate.
Feedback The Coach summarizes all relevant assessment data (personality/leadership-style assessments, 360º surveys, interviews) in WJM’s Leadership Effectiveness Assessment for Development (LEAD)™ report and shares with the client. The coach and executive then collaborate on a developmental action plan, focusing on 2 to 3 major developmental opportunities arising from the LEAD™ report findings. During a three-way meeting between the executive, the coach and the manager, the executive then presents this plan and an executive summary of the LEAD™ report (subject to previously agreed upon confidentiality guidelines) to the manager for additional input.
Coaching The executive gains awareness of her/himself, leverages strengths, understands the impact he or she has on others, creates new alliances with the manager, peers and subordinates, feels more comfortable collecting and reflecting on feedback, applies new behaviors to see results in very specific, business situations, and transfers coaching skills to subordinates. Periodic progress reports are provided to the appropriate stakeholders.
Closure Measurement of progress against the developmental plan is measured. Final coaching conversations are designed to bridge the executive to the future, and include an evaluation of WJM’s services.

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