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Helping Leaders Lead During Turbulent Times

CEO tenures are becoming increasingly nasty, brutish and short. Some 60% of today’s Fortune 500 CEOs have held their jobs for six years or less.

One significant contributor to senior leader failure is that CEOs, Presidents and other top officers often have few individuals with whom they can openly discuss organizational concerns. These individuals lament the lack of “agenda-free” confidants available on the Board or within the management team given the inherent nature of boss/subordinate relationships.

WJM Advisorship™ program provides a powerful solution to the isolation felt by CEOs and other senior management.

How Does The Advisorship™ Work?

WJM Associates has identified a cadre of individuals with high-level corporate and/or board experience who are available to serve as trusted, objective, pragmatic and supportive confidants to corporate leaders.

The Advisorship™ differs from what is typically offered as “executive coaching” in that it pairs clients with peers who themselves have had many years of high-level management and direct P&L experience necessary to truly empathize with and advise top executives. These individuals can deliver objective and candid feedback and recommendations on an individual’s leadership capabilities. They become a sounding board, and a trusted advocate who will provide advice from a unique perspective of having “been there” in a similar role. In effect, a mutual teaching/learning dynamic is created. The Advisorship™ can be implemented for six or twelve month time frames.

WJM also offers The Advisorhip™ On-boarding program, a shorter (three months), but more intense program focused on addressing the challenges faced by the newly hired or appointed senior executive. Expert consultation is provided with regards to assimilating into the new culture, building successful partnerships with Board members, ELT team members and other key stakeholders, establishing a new direction and vision, identifying potential pitfalls, etc. The Advisor and client collaborate on identifying the critical few objectives that will be top priority and developing action plans and time targets for successfully meeting them.

A typical WJM Advisor has the following profile:

  • Has held a position at the “C” level
  • 15+ years of broad general management experience
  • Proven track record in developing and mentoring other leaders
  • Exposure to corporate boards and senior level committees (e.g. compensation, audit)
  • Participated in major corporate initiatives such as merger & acquisitions, divestitures, major systems implementations, global expansion, and other cultural change initiatives
  • Previous profit center (i.e., P&L) responsibilities

What Can be Expected from The Advisorship™?

Although the program is highly specialized to address the specific needs of each executive, The Advisorship™ is designed to enhance the overall effectiveness and performance of senior leadership. Depending on the focus of the engagement, the client will:

  • Develop a trusting relationship with an advocate/confidant and will benefit from the Advisor’s experience and perspective.
  • Learn a practical approach to effectively manage his or her relationships with key stakeholders such as board members, executive teams, media, and investors.
  • Obtain a confidential and comprehensive review of his or her management style and develop a better understanding of the impact this management style may have on the organization.
  • Have better insight into his or her capabilities, including strengths and contributions to the organization; as well as those areas where developmental focus may be necessary.
  • Become more comfortable and effective in defining, communicating and executing the corporate vision and direction.
  • Develop techniques to encourage peak performance of employees through motivation, development and other human capital initiatives.
  • Be capable of developing practical solutions to the challenges and obstacles he or she is currently facing by leveraging the experience, knowledge and wisdom of their Advisor.

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