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April 2020

Working with a Coach in the Covid Era

Until just a few weeks ago, great corporate leadership was measured by the ability to define and communicate the organization’s future in optimistic and vivid terms. Suddenly, smack dab in the Covid era, it’s all about the here and now. Protect your staff…your supply…your customers…your cash.

As leaders, we’ve never done this before. Nobody has.

The stresses from Covid-19 can bring out the best in us as leaders, or the worst. We will be judged more now than ever on how we help (or hurt) our people and companies.

The good news is that we don’t have to figure this all out on our own.

It may appear absurd, or at least self-indulgent, to carve out time now to start working with an executive coach. But in fact, this may be the best moment.

In the current environment, WJM coaches are helping their clients:

· Develop, communicate and fast-track contingency plans and new strategies

· Reassure, align and motivate suddenly virtual teams (i.e. staying close while being far apart)

· Build resilience (i.e. managing stress, setbacks and uncertainty)

· Balance increased demands of work and home

Kicking off a formal coaching engagement under such hectic conditions may seem daunting. Rather than think of coaching as a process, with beginning and end-dates, and specific steps in between, consider it simply as in-the-moment phone or Zoom conversations, as needed, with a highly experienced thought-partner.

Much as airline passengers are advised to put on their own oxygen masks before assisting others, it makes strategic sense to get support in being our best to ensure the wellbeing and success of all those who count on us. Truer now than ever.

If you are currently engaged with a WJM Coach, please do not hesitate to reach out to him or her. If you are interested in speaking with an executive coach, please contact your WJM Associates Enterprise Partner or reach out to us at 212-972-7400 or [email protected].

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