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May 2018

WJM launches OneView™ - providing real-time visibility into Executive Coaching engagements

WJM Associates is proud to announce the launch of it's new online platform for viewing and managing all of an organization's executive coaching engagements - OneView™.

Unlike other online platforms that rely on individual coaches to enter updates, resulting in inconsistent compliance and quality, WJM’s platform is “curated” by WJM’s Coaching Services department assuring consistent, rich, timely updates on each engagement. Alerts and links are automatically emailed to coaching stakeholders at your company each time an update is entered for each engagement. OneView™, and WJM’s world-class engagement management and administration services, are available for both WJM and non-WJM coaching assignments.

For a demonstration of WJM OneView™, please call WJM at 212-972-7400 or email us at [email protected].

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