WJM Expands its Healthcare Coaching Practice

WJM Associates and Wildfire Strategies are delighted to announce their partnership to further expand WJM Healthcare, WJM’s coaching practice dedicated to the professional development of healthcare leaders and teams. “This is a watershed moment to give healthcare leaders the support they desperately need to succeed together in a rapidly changing field” says WJM President Tim Morin. 

Steve Salee, founder of Wildfire Strategies, will be leading WJM Healthcare.  Steve has over 20 years of experience as a coach, organizational consultant, and strategist, and is particularly passionate about helping healthcare teams and leaders to work well together in dedication to quality patient care and outcomes. “I am delighted to be joining Tim and the WJM organization to offer a healthcare coaching practice with a powerful set of tools, national reach and a robust faculty.”

WJM Healthcare builds on the WJM and Wildfire platforms to deliver services that are proven to make healthcare leaders and teams more effective.  Our Organizational Assessment gives participants the chance to communicate perspectives and tailor practical solutions.  Executive Coaching strengthens top leaders, while High-Impact Coaching provides concentrated just-in-time development.  The WJM Development TrackerÔ is an app that supports coaching success. Team Transformation and Group Development create environments for success for teams and high-potential cadres.  Employee Engagement leverages survey data and strategic goals to enhance employee experience and engagement scores.   With each service, WJM Healthcare is a strategic trusted advisor that works side by side with clients to support them through beneficial change.

Visit us at www.wjmhealthcare.com or call 212-972-7400

WJM Faculty Cabinet

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