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March 2007

WJM Executives to Present at 2 Upcoming Conferences in Washington DC & Maryland

On Tuesday, March 13th, Bill Morin, CEO of WJM Associates and his fellow panelists will be presenting “Building Corporate Trust: Setting the Tone at the Top” at the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Conference in Washington, DC.

In a post-Enron corporate world, the lack of trust has been one of the biggest issues negatively affecting the public standing of business in society. Most companies have focused primarily on addressing ethical blind spots or outright illegal activities, but an increasing number of companies are beginning to appreciate the benefits of managing so as to build trust, as opposed to simply playing defense. In this context, what role can - or should - corporate directors play in building greater trust in society for businesses and other institutions for which they have a duty of care and loyalty?

For information and registration please click the following link:

On April 5th, Scott Litchfield, VP – Client Services of WJM Associates will be presenting “Building an Executive Coaching Program - from the Inside Out” at the Chesapeake Human Resources Association (CHRA) 2007 Spring Conference in Columbia, Maryland. This session will focus on:

  • Planning and developing an executive coaching infrastructure
  • Determining coaching readiness of the organizational
  • Ensuring that coaching supports the company’s overall Talent Management program or philosophy
  • Interviewing and selecting the right executive coaches. What about confidentiality issues?
  • Utilizing external coaches versus internal coaches
  • Dispelling the perception of “the broken wing” phenomenon

For information and registration, please click on the following link:,P1,BFF44586-88DD-49B8-97BE-7661CAB41017

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