WJM Development Tracker App Brings Real-Time Feedback to Coaching, Supports Deliberate Practice

NEW YORK – Oct. 20, 2016 – Today at the International Columbia University Coaching Conference a new app designed to deliver behavioral reminders and coaching feedback to executives, in real-time, was announced by WJM Associates, an organizational consulting firm that provides high-impact, practical solutions for companies seeking lasting and measurable improvement in executive performance.  

With a touch of a button, the WJM Development Tracker™ collects feedback from managers and colleagues, and charts an executive’s progress against his or her personal coaching goals.  The app also allows organizations to quantify the effectiveness of coaching over time by aggregating and measuring the progress of all executives being coached.  This enables companies to measure the impact of coaching – a process that is currently largely subjective.

Designed specifically to use in the context of executive coaching engagements, the WJM Development Tracker™ helps the executive focus on specific goals and sends reminders to ‘deliberately practice’ certain behaviors, helping them become new habits.  The app extends the benefits of executive coaching beyond the bi-monthly sessions that employees typically receive, and allows them to continue cultivating their skills after the coaching engagement ends.  

The app was inspired by K. Anders Ericsson’s Deliberate Practice model, which supports the theory that individuals become experts through repeated attention to and practice of new behaviors.  By engaging in deliberate practice, one can dramatically improve his or her performance, superseding genetic or natural inclination.  WJM Associates applied this concept to coaching and developed the WJM Development Tracker™ whereby practice is meant to be repetitive, guided by a coach, intended to improve specific skills, and accompanied with direct feedback.   

The WJM Development Tracker™ serves as an extension to the traditional 360-assessment process, and compensates for some of its shortcomings.  This process is often characterized as lengthy, infrequent and embedded in companies’ HR departments.  By contrast, executives receiving coaching own and control the data on the app, and can receive and solicit feedback anytime.  Unlike existing performance management technology, the WJM Development Tracker™ is solely for the eyes of the individual, and offers a private, safe space for executives to reflect on their progress.

“Today’s generation of new and soon-to-be leaders are technology-conversant and have a strong desire for frequent, specific feedback that they can act upon immediately to improve their performance,” said Tim Morin, President and CEO of WJM Associates.  “This tool keeps coaching goals present in the minds of executives throughout their day, eventually rewiring neural pathways to create new, permanent changes in behavior.”

Mr. Morin and Alison Eydenberg, vice president of coaching services, revealed the WJM Development Tracker™ app for iPhones and iPads today during their joint presentation at the second-annual International Columbia Coaching Conference in New York. WJM Associates is currently seeking a research partner to further explore the use of this technology and its impact on coaching outcomes.

For more information about the WJM Development Tracker™ and to watch a video demonstration, visit https://www.wjmassoc.com/services/the-wjm-development-tracker-app/. Or to sign up for the app, go to http://tracker.wjmassoc.com/.


About WJM Associates

WJM Associates, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing high-impact, practical solutions to companies seeking lasting and measurable improvement in their executives, teams and high-potential groups.  Founded in 1996 by William J. Morin, an internationally renowned authority in executive development, today the company is comprised of more than 300 experienced executive coaches, organizational psychologists and consultants from around the world.  WJM serves as a strategic partner and collaborates closely with managers and human resources to define success for coaching outcomes, while establishing the most comprehensive and effective approach to talent development.  Visit us at https://www.wjmassoc.com/.

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