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April 2014

WJM Coach of the Month - Richard Sackett, Ph.D.

Richard Sackett, Ph.D., WJM CoachRichard Sackett brings over 20 years of experience in guiding leaders’ development, particularly in the areas of Executive Presence, Communication, Influencing Style and Leadership Skills. His background as a Licensed Psychologist has enabled him to develop a keen understanding of the attitudes and behavioral habits that are employed by the most successful leaders across industries. Richard is known for his detailed assessments of leaders’ mindsets, emotional strengths and weaknesses and behavioral patterns and pinpointing where growth and development are needed. He is highly skilled at delivering sensitive feedback in an actionable manner and imparting direction and encouragement in a way that executives find highly effective.

Richard has coached top leaders at a wide array of companies, including those in Financial Services, Professional, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Communications and Technology. He has coached individuals in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

He has been featured in The New York Times and other media on the topics of business and psychology.

Richard is based in New York City. He spends his off-time indulging in his favorite city activities (galleries, music, film, family and friends) as well as his country ones (skiing, hiking, snow-shoeing, trying and failing to master farm equipment).

Feedback from recent WJM coaching engagements:

“My observations and feedback from team members show there was significant progress in the executive’s behavior as she worked with Richard. Her team is more functional and Richard was pivotal in bringing change to her management style that led to more efficiency. Results under Richard have been great, so successful that I encouraged the executive to continue working with Richard to sustain the rapid change.”

- Manager of Coaching Client, Global Pharmaceutical Company

“By all accounts the coaching went very well. We are very pleased with Richard and surprised by all the positive changes he was able to achieve in such a short time.”

- Head of HR, U.S. Division of Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Richard has helped me analyze problems and has provided good and useful advice and feedback. I have the challenge of having a boss overseas but Richard has encouraged me to seek support and feedback from other division heads, which has enhanced these relationships. I think coaching is a valuable process for someone coming from the outside into a new role and I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with Richard.”

- Divisional President (On-boarding client), Global Human Healthcare Company

For more information about Richard Sackett or any of our other 300+ executive coaches, please contact WJM Associates at 212-972-7400 or [email protected].

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