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August 2014

WJM Coach of the Month - Chrys Kasapis, Ph.D.

Dr. Chrys Kasapis has been coaching WJM’s clients for the past 15 years and is a member of our Advisory Board. She consistently receives positive reviews from leaders regarding her intelligence and tact in providing feedback and helping identify solid strategies for development.

Chrys was drawn to coaching by the opportunity to immediately impact the personal effectiveness of already highly-functioning people. She still recalls the first time she witnessed the transformation of a leader by her guided self-awareness process. Chrys has an uncanny knack for identifying personality traits and behaviors that enhance and diminish an individual’s capacity to lead. Relating these personal attributes to a systems perspective allows her to guide clients regarding how they function within a team and within the organization as a whole.

She has coached in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, banking, entertainment, manufacturing, insurance, publishing, and financial services. Chrys has served on the faculties of Barnard College/Columbia University and New York University and has published on the subject of personality functioning. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from New York University.

Greek in heritage, Chrys visits Greece as often as possible and is fluent in the language. She lives on Long Island and has a college senior daughter and high school senior son. While Chrys enjoys doubles tennis and mahjong, she seems to spend most her time reviewing the family’s extensive library of college and graduate school catalogs.

Client Feedback:

I had an instant connection with Chrys. She made it easy for me to get the most out of my coaching experience. Our business was in a time of intense stress with an extraordinary amount of uncertainty. We used the stressful climate as a vehicle for development and growth. Working with Chrys, I was able to develop my management skills and improve my communications with my team, peers, and senior management. This had a cascading effect that made me a better coach to my team, especially during this time of ambiguity.

- Managing Director - Investment Services, Major Global Bank

I found Chrys to be practical, accountable and available. She was excellent at engaging my manager. As a result I was able to feel my boss’s support during the process and knew the work I was doing was being recognized. I thank Chrys for making that connection!

- Director Worldwide Marketing, Medical Supplies Manufacturer

Our Board of Directors and I were very impressed by Chrys who provided structure and yet optimal flexibility in meeting the specific developmental needs of our executives during a major succession management project. All in all, the project was very successful.

- CEO & Chairman, $4 billion Specialty Chemical Company

For more information about Chrys Kasapis or any of our other 300+ executive coaches, please contact WJM Associates at 212-972-7400 or [email protected].

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