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February 2014

WJM Coach of the Month - Carolyn Ott

Each month, WJM highlights a Faculty member who has distinguished him/herself by delivering high-impact executive coaching or other leadership development services for WJM’s client companies.

WJM Senior Coach Carolyn Ott partners with corporate leaders to maximize their ability to influence and inspire others. Known for her Stakeholder Mapping process for aligning senior teams, Carolyn’s innovative program designs have received international recognition from the Organization Development Institute. Carolyn has worked with senior staff and teams in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial Services, Technology, Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Telecommunications, and Non-Profit industries.

Carolyn has a diverse career history that enables her to fully appreciate the challenges her clients face. She has held leadership positions in large international consulting firms, specialized consultancies, and with Exxon Corporation. This experience includes positions as a general manager and COO, where she held full responsibility for strategy, P&L, staffing, client services, and business development.

Carolyn creates winning strategies that impact both leadership success and business performance. As a trusted advisor, she defines and shares stakeholder perceptions, offers options for action, and maintains a confidential atmosphere to foster growth in personal effectiveness.

Carolyn has been coaching WJM clients for over 13 years.

Feedback from two of Carolyn’s recent coaching clients:

“Carolyn’s positive attitude and energy combined with her experience and objectivity have been invaluable in helping me build my leadership skills. Specifically, she has helped me:

  • Learn more about myself and my strengths and how I can better articulate them.
  • Address work-related challenges.
  • Build more trust with and accountability for my direct reports.
  • Improve my communication skills and relationships with peers and others.

Carolyn asks me questions and provides real life examples to stimulate my thinking. She reframes challenges and views them more strategically so that I see them in a different light to help achieve my goals. I feel very comfortable with Carolyn and I trust her advice and guidance. She is accessible and available and listens. She supports me, provides excellent advice and maintains confidentiality. In summary, I couldn’t imagine a better coach than Carolyn.”

- Chief Audit Executive, Fortune 500 Company

“Carolyn is just great. We have an open and comfortable interaction style and I trust her. She is supportive, insightful and very practical in her advice and guidance. This is the first time I’ve had a “coach” and I am impressed with her.”

- Physician Leader, Global Pharmaceutical Company

For more information about Carolyn Ott or any of our other 300+ executive coaches, please contact WJM Associates at 212-972-7400 or [email protected].

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