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March 2014

WJM Coach of the Month - Alan Siegel, Ph.D.

WJM Senior Coach Alan Siegel has been coaching senior leaders and high-potential executives for over 25 years throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. As an organizational psychologist, he brings a uniquely broad perspective to his coaching, viewing his work as providing a “practice field” for a leader to explore and develop strategies and actions for greater impact.

Going beyond the typical “skills and tools”, Alan has the leader focus on how he/she shows up in the world: how language, emotions, and body presence serve or hinder them from attaining desired results. Alan creates a safe environment for insight, courageous dialogue, and focused action. Alan ensures that the coaching is embedded in real business challenges and linked to valued personal/business outcomes.

Alan also often partners with organizations to implement powerful leadership assessment, development, and succession programs ensuring global talent continuity.

Alan lives in Westchester County, NY and engages in life with the same high energy and enthusiasm that he brings to his coaching. His passions include exposure to new places, people, and experiences, as well as hiking, photography, cinema, and dinner conversations with wonderfully interesting friends and family.

Recent feedback from a WJM client regarding his work with Alan:

Alan was terrific and I got a lot out of it. He really helped me take my game up a notch and left me with tools I can continue to use and will continue to use. He gets an A+. I can tell people are responding to me differently. Giving me more seniority, more attention. Alan was always very thoughtful and responsive. His coaching was transformative, because it was so personal. More transition is headed my way and I feel prepared for it in many more ways.

- Group Director, Global Research, Major Pharmaceutical Company.

Alan, a very special thank you for the conversations, advice, and for truly helping me during this year. I wasn’t excited about or a strong believer in coaching, but you changed my view. I think you have a unique talent to find people's "buttons" and ways to put them in front of us in a way that is really helpful and refreshing.

- Director, Manufacturing Technology, Major Technology Company

For more information about Alan Siegel or any of our other 300+ executive coaches, please contact WJM Associates at 212-972-7400 or [email protected].

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