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July 2004

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We’re redesigned our Web site to make it easier to navigate and find information. The address remains the same -- -- but we’ve given our Web site a whole new look and structure.

On our home page, you will now find convenient links to this newsletter and all its back issues; case studies that illustrate the work we’ve proudly performed for our clients; and articles from major business publications that quote WJM Associates on a variety of executive and organizational development issues.

There are also new descriptions of our principal service offerings:

The Advisorship -- An advisory relationship for chief executive officers, presidents and other top officers with a senior-level confidant who has significant and relevant experience. This program is designed to assess an executive’s leadership style and its impact on the organization, the board of directors, shareholders, and other constituencies.

Executive Coaching -- We offer a variety of custom-tailored programs to help individuals and teams increase their effectiveness.

Onboarding -- For newly hired or promoted executives, we facilitate their assimilation into their new organization or new role.

WJM Assess -- We can significantly reduce executive failure and improve developmental, hiring and succession planning initiatives.

Organizational Effectiveness -- We collaborate with clients to enhance their organizational performance at the team, functional, and enterprise levels by aligning people, processes, structure, and culture.

Executive Transitions -- For senior-level corporate leaders, we draw upon our full range of executive development solutions to offer transitioning professionals tailored and comprehensive assistance.

Executive Destination -- On a confidential basis, we offer a unique service for executives who independently, or with corporate support, choose to invest in their own potential. This customized and focused service is designed for professionals who aspire to acquire the leadership skills critical to career success, while learning to cope with increased stress as they attempt to integrate life, family and work.

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