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October 2002

Montana Leadership Institute Announces 2003 Schedule

Montana Leadership Institute, a management-training organization founded by WJM Associates, Inc., will be offering four major learning experiences aimed at specific corporate and personal challenges during calendar year 2003. The objective of these sessions is to motivate and revitalize leaders and, by extension, their entire organizations.

  • The first program, entitled "Exceeding Expectations: Your Leader's and Your Own," is designed to bring the supervisor, the work team and the individual participant closer to having a common understanding about how and where the individual should be concentrating his or her efforts. This is an ideal course to pair with an "ongoing" coaching program. “Exceeding Expectations” will be offered June 1-7, 2003.
  • The second offering, entitled "Upward Mobility Strategies for High-Potential Women," is based on the book What Every Successful Woman Knows, written by Morin and Janice Reals Ellig. This program offers an exploration of practical strategies for identifying and attaining professional and personal goals, designed specifically for women executives. This course will be offered Sept. 14-20, 2003.
  • The third session, entitled "Leadership in Today's Changing Environment," is designed to empower executives to lead through presence and awareness, rather than power and control. This course will address issues of management style, communication, strategies, image and sensitivity. It will be offered Oct. 5-11, 2003.
  • The fourth program, just recently added to the curriculum, is entitled "Redefining Net Worth: The Real Bottom Line". During this session, former Harvard Business School psychiatrist and faculty member Dr. Barrie Greiff leads a journey of self-discovery, focused on juggling self, family and work life. It will be offered Oct. 19-25, 2003.

An integral part of each of these programs is a daily out-of-classroom experience set against the inspiring backdrop of Montana's Big Sky Country. Each MLI participant is given individualized, professional instruction in his or her chosen activity - everything from fly-fishing to gourmet cooking, yoga to skiing - the list is broad and diverse. These activities are designed to assist the executives in dealing more effectively with their "whole" lives, both in and out of the office suite.

"The goal of Montana Leadership Institute is to not only enhance managerial skills, but also assist executives in either defining or reconnecting to what is most important in their lives," says Morin. "For far too long, most training organizations have concentrated on building skills and have ignored other developmental needs of an executive's life. Our mission is to educate, support and motivate the whole person in order to foster a continuous learning attitude that benefits both the individual participant and, of course, the organization in which he or she works."

Montana Leadership Institute will conduct all four programs at the Big EZ Conference Center in Bozeman, Montana, in conjunction with The College of Business at Montana State University. Faculty for the Montana Leadership Institute will be drawn from both corporate and academic communities.

For more information about MLI, please contact Bill Morin at 212-972-7400 or Betsy Swartz, Director, toll free at 866-586-9226. Please also see MLI's Web site at

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