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December 2008

Career Success During Tumultuous Times

Tim Morin

With the current economic pressures mounting, more companies are asking their executives to change roles or positions, move to new locations, or leave their organizations entirely. We've all been startled by the daily newspaper headlines regarding wave after wave of layoffs. Given these tumultuous times, it's not surprising that feelings of job security are waning fast. However, the truth is that, in the U.S., any notion of job security really disappeared back in the 50s and 60s.

The ever-quickening pace of business and the speed and complexity of corporate change has necessitated an adaptable and flexible workforce. In fact, a healthy paranoia about one's job security, even in good times, has served an individual well, as the ability to adapt to change has become a core competency for career success.

On the positive side, job loss is not the personal stigma it once was. Being fired, terminated, laid off, or let go does not have the negative connotation it once did. Today, many top and mid-level executives wear job loss as a badge of courage as they refine their careers and re-define their positions.

What is a must during these times is a solid career management plan. Now, more than ever, executives need to see themselves as businesses onto themselves. Accordingly, they need a powerful business plan that spells out a vision for long term career success to serve as a both a touchstone in good times, and a guiding beacon during the current "bad weather".

WJM Associates is an executive development consultancy. We have built a strong reputation for our world-class Executive Coaching services, which provides a flexible and highly personalized approach for refining one's behaviors and skills so that executives alway stay relevant and sought-after in the job market.

In the current economic environment, we are increasingly being called upon by top corporations to also deliver a service called WJM Executive Transition™. Unlike most cookie cutter "outplacement" services, WJM Executive Transition ™ is delivered much in the same manner as an Executive Coaching engagement. We place an emphasis on personal development and long-term career success, rather than just finding the next gig. The executive is assigned a personal career transition coach, or team of coaches depending on the need, who collaborate on a highly personalized transition campaign.

Executive Transition begins with assessment of the individual's managerial and leadership competencies, which leads to the development of a strategy for self-marketing in order to manage career transition most effectively. WJM's key differentiator is that our Executive Transition ™ service doesn't end once a job is landed. WJM stays with the newly hired executive to ensure their success in the new company and position. We emphasize assimilation into the culture, building winning relationships with other executives and direct reports, identifying critical objectives, and clearly defining expectations.

While "job security" is tough to come by in today's market, it is possible to attain "career security" through increased self-awareness, a proactive developmental strategy and a thoughtful career plan. These are the primary objectives of the WJM Executive Transition™ service.

Tim Morin is President & CEO of WJM Associates.

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