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December 2012

Advising on Executive Retirement

More and more people these days are facing the exciting, challenging, and, yes, frightening life event we call “retirement”.

While WJM Associates has been coaching and advising senior executives for the past 16 years on developing their leadership competencies and their careers, increasingly we are asked to assist leaders in productively exploring all aspects of this somewhat daunting transition to the next chapter of their lives. We help the individual develop and examine possible answers to such questions as:

  • Am I prepared for this?
  • What will be my legacy?
  • What will I do with my time?
  • What about consulting or serving on boards?
  • Do the grandchildren really like me that much?

Should you have interest in finding a retirement advisor, please call us at WJM Associates to speak with me or one of our Account Directors.

William Morin founded WJM Associates in 1996 and served as its CEO until 2007. Prior to this, Bill was Chairman & CEO of Drake Beam Morin, Inc., a leading organizational and individual transition consulting firm. Bill’s experience spans 40 years of advising leaders in business, charities and in academia. He has personally worked with over 200 of the Fortune Top 500 Corporations and co-authored 17 books

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