Executive Coaching Questions & Answers

What are some questions to ask before considering executive coaching?

  • What is the challenge being faced or the developmental goals for the executive?
  • Is it worth the time? All executives have faults and they will never be perfect. Coaching and behavioral change take time and support.
  • What happens if there is no coaching? Are there other developmental options to consider?
  • Does the executive know his/her behavior is not what it should be? Sometimes people just need to be made aware of the situation.
  • Is the desired outcome something the person is capable of? If the person is truly not suited for the position, coaching probably won’t help much.
  • Are there obstacles to success that are beyond the person’s control? It may be necessary to change the system instead of the employee.
  • Are the incentives in place shaping the behavior? Do positive rewards follow good performance?
  • Can trust and confidentiality be ensured by all participants in the process?

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