Executive Coaching Questions & Answers

How Should You Choose an Executive Coach?

The coaching results will only be as good as the match between the coach and executive. Finding a coach who has the necessary expertise and a connection with the executive is not always easy. It is best to take time until everyone is comfortable with the prospective coach. Whoever is hired, the executive being coached should have some say in the selection. Ideally, the executive is given 2 or 3 coaches to choose from after Human Resources has ensured their qualifications. The following are some questions to ask to determine whether a person is the right coach for an executive.

Questions to ask when choosing a coach:

  • What is this coach’s approach or process?
  • Does this coach have adequate experience in working with an executive at this level?
  • Have you seen an example of a developmental plan created by the coach with a previous client?
  • Does this coach appear to have the ability to develop a strong, trusting relationship with the executive?
  • Does the person have a style that is compatible with the executive’s?
  • Does this coach have the skills and business background required to meet the coaching objectives?
  • Does the coach appear to be a team player and can he/she be flexible?
  • Does the coach appear to fit with the culture of the organization?
  • Is the coach a person of integrity and does he/she appear to be one who can deliver the truth to the organization and the executive?
  • Does this person have great insight into people and situations?
  • Does the coach have an executive presence that will be respected by the executive?

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