× Engagement  Management

When it comes to engagement management, we are fanatical about quality control

With WJM, your company’s coaching program is in safe hands.

Each WJM coaching assignment is a team effort.

WJM Enterprise Partner

  • Serves as the dedicated, single point‑of‑contact to your organization
  • Manages contracting, proposals, pricing, etc.
  • Gathers info on Executive to be coached
  • Selects coaches for chemistry meetings
  • Prepares coaches
  • Reports on macro trends

WJM Coaching Services

  • Ensures delivery with integrity, accountability and professionalism
  • Maintains dialogue with the executive and the manager regarding progress and satisfaction
  • Enters consistent, timely updates in WJM OneView™ online platform
  • Hosts group calls with coaches serving the same customer organization to exchange learnings and context, and help embed company-specific leadership competencies/behaviors into the coaching to support the organization’s talent strategies

WJM Program Coordinator

  • Provides project management and administrative support
  • Schedules 360°s, administers assessment instruments, etc.