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Steve Salee

Steve Salee is thrilled to be advising WJM on developing leaders in the healthcare industry. He has over 20 years of experience as a coach, organizational consultant, and strategist, and is particularly passionate about helping healthcare teams and leaders to work well together in service of quality patient care and outcomes. With changes in the healthcare field making collaboration more essential than ever, his work helps healthcare teams and leaders overcome divisions, build relationships and strengthen engagement.

Steve has coached numerous healthcare leaders and teams in the fields of behavioral health, women’s health, medicine, ambulatory care, oncology, physician leadership and hospital administration. Steve has also coached extensively in the fields of non-profit human services, the arts, media, and law.

Steve is an adjunct lecturer at the Columbia University School of Social Work. He has Masters Degrees in Social Work and Public Administration from Columbia University, and is a certified PCC and mentor coach through the International Coach Federation. Steve graduated from Brown University with a BA in Urban Studies.

Steve rows on the Harlem River and will use any excuse to sing. He lives in New York with his partner, daughter, two sons and a dog named Charles.


Current Developmental Objective: To keep learning about what makes healthcare team cultures healthy or toxic, and to make more time for writing about it.

Personal Goal: To sing on stage at least a couple of times a year.

Email: ssalee@wjmassoc.com

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