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Director, Account Management and Marketing

Johanna Rude

With a decade of experience in leadership development and sales, Johanna Rude combines her enthusiasm for a client-focused approach with her expertise in coaching and psychology. After earning a Bachelors in Business at the University of Sunderland, UK and a Masters in Psychotherapy at University of Sheffield, UK, Johanna started her career improving processes in engineering projects, as well as delivering leadership development programs for groups. As a WJM Account Director, she partners with WJM’s customers to deliver growth opportunities for leaders, teams and high-potential groups. Johanna is both a certified coach and a licensed NLP practitioner. She lives in Manhattan with her husband Jeff, son Leo and two dogs Rosi and Wally.


Current Developmental Objective: To implement WJM’s philosophy of Deliberate Practice and Growth Mindset in reaching my everyday goals.

Personal Goal: To run a half-marathon by the end of 2018

Email: jrude@wjmassoc.com

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