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Chrys Kasapis

Dr. Chrys Kasapis has been partnering with WJM since 1999. She enjoys an extensive background in providing executive coaching to high performing professionals at many Fortune 500 companies. She has consulted in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, banking, entertainment, manufacturing, insurance, publishing, and financial services.

Chrys’ training and background have led her to specialize in the assessment of personality characteristics and behaviors that both enhance and diminish the individual’s ability to lead most effectively. As well, her understanding of how to modify the individual’s role within the larger system has allowed her to provide guidance to executives in terms of how they function within a team and within the larger organization.

Chrys has served on the faculties of Barnard College/Columbia University and New York University and has published on the subject of personality functioning. Chrys has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from New York University.

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