Advisory Board


William J. Morin

William J. Morin is the founder and chairman of WJM Associates. As a recognized leader in the human resources consulting industry, Bill has developed many effective human resources management strategies for top corporations for the past 30+ years. He has personally worked with over 200 of the Fortune Top 500 Corporations.

Bill has been a vanguard in developing the “Advisorship” style of coaching for CEOs and Presidents of major corporations. For over 20 years, Bill was Chairman & CEO of Drake Beam Morin, Inc., a leading organizational and individual transition consulting firm. He has authored and co-authored 17 books and hundreds of articles about conducting successful staff reductions, corporate trust, job search techniques, coping with job loss and corporate revitalization.

In addition to his wide-ranging business interests, Bill is active in a variety of charitable and philanthropic activities, including providing career development services to young people through WJM’s sister organization Mr. Morin received his master’s degree from Southern Illinois University.

WJM Faculty Cabinet

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